Honda 60000 mile service

Importance of the Honda 60000-mile service 

If you are a Honda owner and you have driven your car for about 60,000 miles, then it’s time for your car’s service checkup. Usually, services like 65,000,70,000- or 75,000-mile services are famous for different vehicles but a 60,000-mile service is recommended for Honda by the company. 

This service helps to make sure that your vehicle stays in good condition and runs smoothly by doing some necessary things which you will know below!

Honda 60000 mile service

Today, we will give you complete information on the 60,000-mile service, such as what it offers, how much it costs and why it is so important for your Honda!

What will you get in the 60,000-mile service?

A thorough inspection of all significant components normally takes place during the 60,000-mile service on Honda automobiles. The service may involve chores like replacing the engine oil and filter, performing a thorough check, and rotating the tires to minimize uneven wear and tear. The brakes, suspension, belts, hoses, and fluids may all be inspected or replaced as part of the service.

It’s crucial to remember that depending on the model and manufacturer’s recommendations, exact tasks covered in a 60,000-mile service may change. Because of this, it is best to get precise information on the particular activities included in the 60,000-mile service for your Honda model from the owner’s manual or a Honda shop.

Details about the 60,000 miles services:

The list of what will be inspected as well as replaced during the 60,000 mile service through a Honda mechanic:

Tire rotation

Tire rotation will be the basic part of this service. This service will involve moving your vehicle’s tires to check to make sure that the tires are even.

Engine oil & filter replacement

Engine and oil filter replacement is also another service given during the 60,000 miles service checkup. This will help in removing any sort of sludge or contaminant from your car’s engine.

Replacing spark plugs

You will also get spark plugs inspection for your vehicle. As you know, spark plugs will help you ignite the air/fuel mixture in the car’s cylinder, which will power the engine. Spark plugs can also become damaged or get faulty, affecting your car’s engine performance.

Check fluids.

If any of the car’s fluid is below the normal level, then the mechanic will make sure to fill it up. These fluids include brake fluid, windshield washer, power steering fluid and engine coolant. 

Brake service

Brake service is important for the safety of any car. While serving your brake system, the mechanic will make sure that the brakes are working properly or not.

Checking of suspension and steering components

Suspension and steering systems are also important features of your car. That is why you need to get them checked as well to see if all the parts are working properly or you must change some.

Some other services

  • Replace air cleaner element.
  • Replace dust and pollen filter.
  • Inspect and adjust the drive belt (except the timing belt).
  • Inspect the exhaust system.
  • Inspection of the cooling system, including hoses and radiator.
  • Inspection of the battery and charging system.
  • Inspection of the lights, wipers, and other electrical components.

How much does the 60,000-mile service cost?

60,000 miles service will cost around $1200-$1500 for your Honda, however it will depend on your location and the dealership you choose. If you choose a Honda specialist, they might charge you around $1100 as I used to charge the same.

If you want to do that on your own, you will have to pay for parts only which will be under $450. Just make sure to deal with the risk involved if you never did the services on your car.

This service is not cheap, but it is important for your car’s engine to run smoothly. Make sure to take your car to a professional to make sure that it’s done properly with decent parts used. For a better lifespan of your car, you should not go cheap.

Importance of the 60,000 miles service

Regular maintenance is always important for any of your cars whether it is Honda or any other. This will help you save a lot of money that you will need to pay for your car in the future. Most of the cars are under warranty and the 60,000 mile service might cost you nothing and if you skip it, you will have to pay much more for repairs.

I, as an automotive engineer, will recommend you do proper maintenance of your car in the first 60,000 miles because your car has just started to live and it needs some sort of fresh breath.

Such maintenance services will help you find any problems your car might have which could become bigger as well as expensive in future.

If you seriously don’t know the importance of the 60,000-mile service, then you need to read this article twice. A 60,000-mile service for your Honda is important because cars do need some fresh oil and stuff to work fatly and efficiently. 

This maintenance service will also help you solve problems within your car before it’s too late to solve them. A 60,000-mile service is not cheap but trust me, it will save you a lot of money in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have completed the 60,000 mile in your car, then just for the maintenance service before it’s too late.
There might be a possibility that it can ruin your car’s battery and you will need to replace it. Don’t get lazy! Look for a technician that could fix this problem.


A: Yes, the 60,000-mile Honda service is required. It is crucial because it ensures that your car keeps operating smoothly and in good shape. Your Honda needs routine maintenance if you want it to last. The 60,000-mile service is an important milestone that ensures the parts of your car work effectively and safely.

A: It will include:

  • Replacing engine oil and filter.
  • Rotating tires.
  • Inspecting brake pads and rotors.
  • Inspection of exhaust system.
  • Inspection of propeller shaft & drive shaft boots.
  • Steering gear and linkage, axle, and suspension parts.

A: Yes, routine maintenance will improve your car’s performance and mileage. This arises from routine maintenance examinations and, when necessary, spark plug replacements. The oil levels and filter are also examined during maintenance, and they are replaced as necessary.

A: Honda vehicles last 200,000 to 300,000 kilometers on average. Hondas hold their value well and frequently have many more years of useful life left in them after 200,000 miles. As a result, Hondas are popular in the used automobile market and frequently sell quickly and for fair prices.

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