Audi Pre Sense System Malfunction

Audi Pre Sense System: A Troubleshooting Guide to Overcome Malfunctions

Audi Pre Sense System Malfunction

The Audi Pre-sense is one of the most top-notch safety features that many of its new car models have.This works by using radar sensors and cameras to keep track of any dangers in the surroundings of your vehicle. You can also detect any car, pedestrians or other potential danger too by using this technology. 

Pre sense rear or pre sense city technology can be added to this technology to increase monitoring capabilities, add extra braking precautions, and display warning indicators.

However, a minor issue could lead to a “pre sense fault” and cause the device to malfunction. In today’s article, we will talk about what this actually means, and what to do if you get the “pre sense faulty” sign on your dashboard. 

Audi Pre Sense System Malfunction

How does the Audi Pre Sense System work?

The Audi Pre Sense System is an advanced safety feature that will help you detect and mitigate any potential dangers on the roads. This system will utilise radar sensors, cameras and some other detection technologies to detect potential dangers.

Whenever the sensors detect a potential danger, the Pre Sense System will get active and enhance the safety of the occupants and reduce the chances of the accident. These safety measures will include:

  1. Pre Sense City: The Pre Sense City is made to stop or reduce accidents when people are driving in cities. The system will issue a series of warnings to the driver and activate the braking system for optimum response whenever it detects any collision with a different vehicle, a cyclist, or a pedestrian. It may even start automatic emergency braking in some circumstances solely to lessen the impact’s intensity.  
  • Pre Sense Front: This feature focuses on preventing and lessening collisions at faster speeds, like those on highways. It can send alerts and set up the braking system for a quick response if a potential front-end collision is detected by keeping track of the distance and relative speed to vehicles ahead.
  • Pre Sense Basic/Rear: In the case of a rear-end collision, this device is intended to safeguard the passengers. When the system senses an impending rear-end accident, it can trigger safety precautions including tightening the seat belts, shutting the windows and sunroof, and repositioning the seats to reduce the risk of injury.

What Does Audi Pre-Sense Malfunction Mean?

When an Audi Pre-Sense system malfunctions, it usually indicates a problem with one of the system’s sensors, actuators, or circuits. Numerous things, from a dirty sensor to a more serious issue requiring rapid treatment, can contribute to this malfunction.

A warning message such as “Audi Pre-Sense Malfunction” or “Audi Pre-Sense Currently Restricted” may be displayed on the instrument cluster or dashboard when the Pre-Sense system identifies a problem.

Causes of Audi Pre Sense System Fault

1. Dirty or Blocked Parking Sensors:

The most common cause is either a dirty or a blocked parking sensor. The parking sensors may be clogged with debris and dirt, because of that they might not correctly detect objects in the surroundings of your car.

This will lead to improper detecting of objects around you, because of which you might find signals of something around your vehicle even though it’s not present.

Snow and ice can be the cause of sensors getting blocked for people who live in such areas. So, it’s important to clear your sensors frequently to avoid these issues. Clean the sensors if you ever receive the pre sense fault message. 

2. Dirty Windshield Cameras:

Dirty Windshield Cameras can also be another cause for the “pre sense faulty” on your Audi.

If there is a build of dirt or debris on your windshield, you will have a problem with the camera system’s ability to see properly and the sensors might not detect objects in the surroundings of your car.

3. Recalibration of Windscreen Cameras

Sometimes you might have changed the windshield recently, but you forgot to recalibrate the camera system because of which the camera can’t detect objects properly. 

The reason is that when you are installing a windshield, its angle or shape can change and because of that the camera might have a different road view than it did before and thus it should be calibrated with the help of either an Audi dealer or a mechanic.

4. Damaged Sensors

The Pre-Sense system’s sensors are susceptible to harm from collisions, mishaps, and extreme environmental conditions. Any corrupted sensor could perform improperly and cause a system malfunction.

5. Damaged Brake Lines

Working brake lines are essential to the Audi Pre-Sense System’s ability to keep you safe while driving. The system cannot react effectively to warnings of impending collisions or risks if the brake lines are broken. 

As a result, even when the brakes are applied, the car will continue to move, which causes the system to identify a problem and turn on the warning light. Other actuators that depend on the Pre-Sense input may potentially be impacted by this problem. 

Before every trip, it is essential to routinely inspect and maintain your brake lines for your safety as well as the benefit of the Audi Pre-Sense System.

6. Electrical Faults

Electrical lines link the control unit, actuators, and sensors. The control module processes the data from the sensors and produces the appropriate signal to activate the actuators. In between are fuses and other parts as well. 

Audi Pre-Sense operation may be interfered with by a short circuit or corrosion in any of the lines. Pre-Sense issues can be caused by loose connections, damaged wires, and electrical shorts.

How Can You Fix the Audi Pre-Sense System Malfunction?

The fix for the Audi Pre-Sense system malfunction depends on the particular cause of the malfunction. The error message may be due to various reasons such as dirty windshield cameras, failed sensors, or even damaged brake lines. Here are some steps you can do to fix the Audi Pre-Sense System Malfunction:

  • You can try restarting the Pre-sense system which might fix this problem. However, there are very few chances for that but you don’t have to pay for it at least..
  • The second thing you can do is recalibrate the camera by a dealership if you have replaced the windscreen or some other camera recently. For that, you need to take your car to a dealership or find a good mechanic if you can’t do it on your own..
  • The third step would be to use the OBD scanned to read the codes. OBD scanners are also known as truth metres. You may quickly and simply resolve the issue after learning the precise reason thanks to an OBD scanner.Connect your vehicle diagnostic tool to the port to read the issue codes if you have one.The saved code can point you in the direction of malfunctioning brake lines, sensors, or actuators. The damaged components might need to be replaced. .
  • For the radars and cameras, try cleaning them first if there is any dirt or debris because they can block the view of the camera or sensors to work properly. .
  • You can either do the repairing and things on your own if you have a knowledge of that or else find an experienced mechanic who will help you in replacing the faulty brake line or some technician to help you check the electrical connections.
The Audi Pre-Sense System is an advanced safety feature that helps when the drivers don’t have sufficient time for instant reactions. It can help you save your life as well as other people’s lives by minimising the risk of an accident. 

Some people might turn this system off, if there is a fault. This is because it will stop the car in some cases when you don’t want to.

I wish you had more knowledge about the Pre Sense Fault in Audi and how to fix it after reading this article. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or suggestions; I will be pleased to get back to you.


A: Yes, you can drive the car with the Audi Pre-Sense System Malfunction but you have to be more careful while driving. Most drivers prefer to turn this feature off if there is any fault in this system to avoid any unnecessary stops.

A: The location of the Audi Pre-Sense Sensor varies depending on the specific model and year of the car. However, these sensors are typically spread out all around the car, including the front, back, and sides. They cooperate with the camera and other detectors to identify potential threats before they materialise. 

A: Yes, the Audi Pre-Sense is covered under warranty but not the calibration problems. This is because these result from collisions, and you need to pay for fixing them.

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